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And 1 Mile Fun Run 

Each summer as a part of our Outdoor Sundays, we host a competitive 5K race, 5K walk, and a family-friendly one-mile fun run.

There are prizes for various age groups for children, women, and men. 

SW5K 2023  

This coming year we are planning our morning run for the end of summer! Get hyped for some hopefully cooler run temperatures on our course through the neighborhoods and trails!

What's New?

Part of our Outdoor Sundays Event Series!

  • 5K walk

  • Competitive 5K race

  • Family-friendly 1 mile Fun Run 

  • Winners in various gender/age ranges will receive a medal

5K Run/Walk


11th ANNUAL SW5K: September 3, 2023



2012-2019 Course

 Male: Miles Takiguchi 16:45 (2019) 
 Female: Hiruni Wijayaratne 18:22 (2012)

2021-present Course

 Male: Collin Penuel 16:40 (2022)
 Female: Gabrielle Darlington 19:11 (2022)
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